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IndividuaIilluminationTechnology – iLUTE d.o.o.

iLUTE (IndividualilluminationTechnology – iLUTE d.o.o.) is a London-based modern company that aims to give a new look to the trend of interior design and the lighting industry.

Using the expertise gained over the 25 year experience in signage business, iLUTE expanded its creativity in new directions, creating and producing a new, innovative, mass production lighting product, with exceptional aesthetics and technical features.

The company was established in 2015 and operated in privately owned facilities in order to realize the ideas and produce the designs of the company’s London Studio. All product collections of iLUTE brand are designed and developed at our London Design Studio and they are manufactured in a fully equipped factory, located in Leskovac – Serbia, which operates in a 2.500 m2 privately owned facility.

We take pride in our automated mass production process, which also includes individual craftsmanship, with particular attention to detail. In addition, we have the flexibility for custom design light fixtures, based on customer specifications for interior and exterior use.

All iLUTE’s products are tested and certified to meet the health and safety of the customer and the environmental protection from the most reliable official organizations, according to strict requirements (CE, US LISTED, RoHS). Also, iLUTE is highly sensitive to environmental protection and all products and packaging are made of recyclable materials.

iLUTE, understanding the importance of the reliability of the products and the company itself, provides a five (5) year warranty by the factory to all its products.

iLUTE innovates and provides all products in individual, contemporary designed, ready to shelf, 100% recyclable packaging.


Our employees are working strictly according «EU labor law working conditions» and EEPO (European Employment Policy Observatory).

Discover iLUTE and illuminate your life.

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