What are the features that distinguish iLUTE's products?

iLUTE produces luxury, decorative LED marquee lightings that stand out for their exquisite contemporary and rustic design, exceptional aesthetics and special technical features:
• Innovative metal sculptural, non visible screws design • Exclusive acrylic face • LED lighting technology • Individual, recyclable packaging.

iLUTE’s products are also:
• Accessorized (12Volt A/C adaptor, up to 2m cable and on/off switch) • Dimmable • Certified (CE, UL Listed, RoHS) • Recyclable

From what materials are your products made of?

iLUTE’s products are made of metal, with electrostatic powder paint finish, acrylic face front and LED. Visit our product specifications page.

Are your lightings electrical or battery operated?

All our products are electrical, not battery operated. Always ensure the appliance is operated on an electric power source matched to the rated voltage indicated on the AC adaptor. Visit our product specifications page.

What kind of plugs are used in your lighting devices?

ILUTE provides A/C adaptors with EU, UK or USA plugs for all its products.

Can I connect two or more lightings to each other and how?

Two or more lightings can be connected, so as to create words, phrases, acronyms, dates or other combinations of symbols, using cables for multiple connections (multiple connectors). In this case, an A/C adaptor for multiple connections for additional power supply is needed. ILUTE can provide both multiple connectors and A/C adaptors for multiple connections, as well as other accessories, such as dimmers to reduce lighting. Visit our Accessories page.

Are your lightings suitable for outdoor use?

iLUTE’s lightings are for internal use only, not for outdoor use (IP20).

How long can your lightings stay on?

The lightings should not be in continuous operation for more than 8 hours and not exceeding 12 hours daily. They may become warm during operation. This is normal.

Can your lightings be used by children?

Our lightings can be used by children aged 15+ years. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.

Are your lightings certified?

All iLUTE’s products are tested to meet the health, safety and environmental protection from the most reliable official organizations according to strict requirements (CE, UL LISTED, RoHS). Visit our Certification page.

Are your lightings guaranteed?

iLUTE, understanding the importance of the reliability of the products and the company itself, provides a five (5) year warranty by the factory for all its products. Visit our Warranty page.

How can your lightings be cleaned?

To clean your iLUTE lighting:
– Always unplug the adaptor from the household outlet when cleaning.
– Unhang the product from the wall before cleaning.
– Do not immerse the lighting in water or under the tap, even if it is not plugged.
– It is forbidden to clean with products containing alcohol or other hard alkaline.
– Always clean with a dry cloth. The package includes soft cloth for cleaning. For persistent dirt moisten cloth slightly with water.
– Cleaning shall not be made by children under 15+ years without adult supervision.
– Be careful when cleaning. There may be sharp edges that can cause injury.
– Regularly clean the power plug and the appliance plug as well, to prevent dust from accumulating. Disconnect the adaptor and wipe with a dry cloth.

What accessories are included in your product package?

All iLUTE’s products come with the following accessories, included in their individual package:
• A/C adaptor (EU or UK or US) • instruction book • pattern and materials for wall hanging • fine cleaning cloth in plastic bag • magnetic acrylic base (if necessary) • Cable L: up to 2000 mm • ON-OFF switch

Optionally, iLUTE can provide:
• Dimmer to reduce lighting • Cables for multiple connections • A/C adaptor for multiple connections

Visit our Accessories page.

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