iLUTE presents NEW 2017-2018 QUIZZY Collection

Quizzy collection - Letters J+O+Y

iLUTE will present in Paris its brand new collection for 2017-2018, QUIZZY.

QUIZZY is a line of 12in decorative Letter metal sculptural and led 3D marquee lightings that will impress with their innovative, non visible screws design and high quality.
QUIZZY collection offers a complete set of 26 capital letters of the Latin alphabet and the symbol Plus sign “+”. Plus sign (+) is a mathematical symbol used to represent the notion of positive, as well as the operation of addition.
iLUTE’s luxury and high quality QUIZZY lightings can be used as decoration, alone or in combinations. They have identical font so you have the possibility to create your own words, phrases, monograms, acronyms, messages or signs, according to your creative ideas and personal needs. Spell someone’s name, your favourite inspirational phrase, your business “hash tag”, or just have your own initials in lights with these illuminated letters.
QUIZZY lightings are perfect for hanging or free standing on the floor, desk, shelf, wall, for domestic use (bedroom, living room, kitchen) or for professional use (office, bar, restaurant, shop window).
Their light creates a special atmosphere that highlights the decoration of the placement point, while serving as a light source.
It’s a must have gift for all ages. Made by iLUTE and personalized by you, QUIZZY collection will help you add your own touch to your interior or event space. Use our luxury led light letters to light up your house or business.


Posted on 15/07/2017 in Presentations

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